Shine for ShelterBox


As the darker months begin, lights are going on all across the United States. Lighting is so much a part of our celebrations, bringing communities and families together.
But in parts of the world where disaster has struck, the power may be shut off and lines down, leaving families vulnerable, without the comfort and security of light, warmth, and shelter. That is why every ShelterBox includes solar lights to dispel darkness and bring safety and togetherness to those who have lost everything.
This winter, through our Shine for ShelterBox campaign, communities all over the country are getting together to brighten lives darkened by disaster by hosting fundraising candlelit dinners.  Whether you love getting together with friends, already have a party planned or would like to get your local community together, holding a Shine for ShelterBox event can bring light to families in their hour of darkness.
Your support means more light for families devastated by disaster.  Your support provides safety, comfort, and hope.